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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chess and Biorhythms

Do you follow your biorhythms? Few do, so don’t worry if your brow furled just now. I (and many others) believe that biorhythms play a huge role in our daily lives. All we need to know is what they are doing at any given moment. 

What are they?
In a nutshell, they are slow but steady fluctuations in our bodies and minds that affect us each and every day. They start the day we are born and move in a predictable pattern throughout our lives. That’s why we are able to follow them if we know how.

Our biorhythms tell us the condition of our physical, emotional, and intellectual properties. Those parts of us actually fluctuate wildly from real low to real high and everywhere in between, and not necessarily at the same time.

I go here: and follow what’s going on with me. I just entered my birthday in, saved it, and each day I merely hit the Calc! button and I instantly know what to expect for the day.

Pfft, yeah, but do they work?
They do for me, kiddos. The only thing is, after years of following my biorhythms, I’ve found that my mental actually works somewhat opposite the chart in a sense. I believe it’s because of ADD. When it says my intellectual should be in the dumps, I almost always play my best chess. When it says my intellectual is high, I can’t play for nothin’.

But the physical and emotional are dead on, day after day, month after month, year after year. You know the old saying Knowledge is power? Well, it really is in this case! Let’s take a look at a few of the ways I use my biorhythms to help me in everyday life.

If my intellectual is low, as I mentioned, I find that my mind works slower yet much, much more efficiently for chess and other things. A low intellectual reading means it’s time to seek a standard game on the ‘net and dominate. When my intellectual is high, my thoughts are extremely fast and scattered. That doesn’t mean I can’t think, it just means I believe I’m less accurate and more prone to wandering.

If my physical is high, I really feel noticeably stronger. When it reports as low, I’m usually feeling tired and drained, just as it claims I should. I play my best chess when my intellectual is low and physical high.

When my emotional report is in the dumps, I usually *feel* in the dumps. Overly sensitive, a bit confused on what’s going on in life, dramatic. It’s spot on, every time. When it’s high, that’s the time to socialize and write and share and generally be engaged.

This isn’t a fake horoscope or a wives’ tale, either; this is scientific stuff that just never found its way to the mainstream. It’s much easier to read what some asswipe wrote about you and the stars than it is to consistently follow what’s happening inside our bodies and minds for real. That’s just the way it goes. 

I implore you to follow the readings on for at least one month. Compare its claims to how you actually feel and think, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s eerily accurate and a great tool for predicting how we’ll do in almost everything. 

Just enter in your birthday, save it on the site, and check it every day as part of your internet surfing. If, after a month, you feel it’s total BS and it didn’t work at all for ya, let me know. In fact, let me know either way; I’m interested to see how it works with others because it sure works for me.

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