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Sunday, October 11, 2009

World Chess Live

In our constant search for quality online chess, sometimes it is difficult to decide on a favorite place to play. FICS is totally free and has a decent environment, but there are also a lot of rude kids and other abusers there that we must deal with. Yahoo and Pogo chess are almost beyond consideration, due to the amount of computer cheats and extremely rude players. The ICC is really awesome because of the amount of Grandmasters that play there, and the extreme ease of getting a game at all hours. It's pricey, though, and the aforementioned rudes can be found there, as well.

But, for those of us who just want to sign on and play a few nice games with a fellow chess enthusiast, where do we go? World Chess Live, that's where.

World Chess Live has a smaller user base, and is geared toward family friendly chess and events. It's cheaper than the ICC, and there are plenty of opportunities to play a real Grandmaster in simultaneous exhibitions and blitz challenges. Cheaters are dealt with swiftly and quietly, and the administration does not take kindly to foul-mouthed players, disconnecters, or any other sort of abusers.

World Chess Live is also connected to the United States Chess Federation (USCF), and regularly holds quick-rated tournaments. USCF members qualify for a substantial membership discount, as do juniors (under 21 years of age).

If you aren't sure that you want to pony up cash before checking the site out, you can go to, download an interface and sign on as a guest. While guests cannot get involved in games, they can look around and get a good feel of the site and how it operates before making a commitment.

So, if you are looking for a quality Internet chess game, in a quality environment, why not give World Chess Live a try? There really is nothing to lose, except for your frustration with the “other” sites.

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