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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WCL to the ICC

Well, this won’t be the usual-type blog entry. Instead, I’d like to inform you of a major change going on in my life, and it has to do with the chess server I work for.

World Chess Live (WCL) is merging with the Internet Chess Club (ICC)! That is both great and terrible news, for me: it’s great because I will no longer have to feel guilty about slipping over to the ICC to watch the GMs play, but terrible because that’s a *huge* server, and the workload likely just quadrupled. Of course, I’m joking about the terrible part; I really do like being busy! Sorta...

How cool is the ICC to me? For those of you who do not have accounts, let me run down a few of the highlights, here:

1. On the ICC, 2600 is a low rating, and I’m not at all kidding. The “Events” window consistently has 2800-3,300 games going on between titled players. Nakamura’s blitz rating at the time of this writing is 3,374; that’s not messing around, kids.

2. Videos, videos, and more videos! Seriously, ICC has so many game analysis videos done by grand masters it isn’t funny. They have their GOTD (game of the day) series which is nothing less than out of this world. That means I can watch these amazing videos and work at the same time. I can subscribe to that, friends and neighbors.

3. Several interface options. I personally have always signed onto ICC using Blitzin, but will probably use Dasher now that I’ll be on staff. You can also use Jin and a few others, so there’s no shortage in personalization possibilities. They even have iPhone apps and stuff, now. I don’t get into all that stuff, but I suppose it’s pretty neat.

4. New opportunities for me! I’m hoping that this major uprooting presents some new challenges and, if all goes well, opportunities to move up the ranks. I have been an administrator on Chess Live since 2004, and although they brought me over to the ICC as a Helper (basically a Service Representative), I believe I’ll get my badge back; I work hard and I’m really friendly. What more could they ask? :P

Anyhow, this post was more to inform and vent than to gripe or preach, but so be it, I guess. Wish me luck, gang, in my new venture at a new ‘home’!

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